1.     Our Mission

Systech Digital Limited is a company that has established to provide best quality latest ICT services to its customers to enrich their business and lifestyle. Systech Digital Limited served more than 3500 clients in 13 countries, and counting. With the great experience both in product development and customer service, we established Systech Smart Solutions with the aim to provide complete smart solutions with all the great products; those have been developed and sourced through great R&D for the last 2 years.


2.     Our Commitment

In fulfilling our mission, Systech Smart Solutions (“Our Company”) strives at all times to provide

its goods and services in a way that enable human beings for the cost effective comfortable smart life. We always committed to provide the best services to our valued clients.


3.     Goods and Services to build Smart Home & Smart Office

Our Company is committed to excellence in serving all Customers and we will carry out our functions and responsibilities in the following areas:

3.1  Solution Design and Development – We design and develop custom solutions for full spectrum smart solutions for home and office according to the client’s need. We visit, consult and assess the client’s site to suggest the best possible tailor-made intelligent solution according to the environmental requirement.


3.2  Product Sales – We sell all types of smart and intelligent products those developed and source through complete R&D and testing. Our customer can buy any product online or collect from our showroom.


3.3  Solution as a Service – We provide solutions as a service. In this case, we propose possible solutions to a problem and we design, develop and implement projects and provide service.


3.4  Interior & Exterior Design- We provide interior and exterior design consultancy and development service. We also work with property developers, interior design and development companies to add values to their services.


3.5  Custom Product Development – We solve problems of our clients using custom development of products and services according to our clients' needs.


3.6  R&D – We have experienced R&D teams who are working to develop the most demanding latest products. This team also works for the testing of our own and third-party products before we offer to our clients.


3.7  Product and Service Sourcing – We don’t work with low-cost products but quality products. We have our own testing team who always work for the testing of our own and third-party products according to the need in the real environment before we offer to our valued clients. Beside we provide end-to-end support service for all types of products and services to the interested people. This support includes clients visit to factories in China and Korea, product sourcing, payment to vendors, warehouse in China, shipping, custom clearance and home delivery.  


4.     Services

We have a great team for sales, installation and support. We are ready to provide 24/7 support in different stages.


4.1.  Hands on training – We assume that all our customers may not technically sound, so we do support for installation, operation and maintenance of the devices we sell at free of cost. Moreover, we provide institutional support to our valued clients.

4.2.  Telephone Support – We provide telephonic remote support to our client 24/7 when needed. Customers can reach our support team by a dedicated hotline number.

4.3.  Message and Email – Clients can communicate with us by our dedicated message and email system.

4.4.  Remote Desktop – We have renowned professional remote desktop software by which we can connect to the system of clients to provide 24/7 quick support to our valued client.


5.     Payment and Billing

We accept payment in mode of bank transfer, cheque, pay order and online payment through SS Wireless gateway. We bill on-demand, monthly and annually according to the contract. We also provide long term EMI facility through renowned banks.


6.     Warranty

All of our products and solutions come with limited warranty. Warranty should be written on the invoice/bill unless otherwise. Customers are requested to inform us immediately if they find any problem with our products or solutions. In the case of a new product, customers must report within 24hours of the delivery by email/telephone. Our customer support team will try to resolve the problem otherwise it will be replaced within 7days.


7. Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption in the facilities or services usually used by people, the Manager at Our Company will provide Customers with notice. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, and a description of alternative facilities or services if available.



8.     Modifications to This or Other Policies

We are committed to developing Customer Service policies that respect and promote the dignity and independence of clients. We may add or modify this policy to ensure best service to our valued clients.

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