We don’t work with low-cost products but quality products. We have our own testing team who always work for the testing of our own and third-party products according to the need in the real environment before we offer to our valued clients. Beside we provide end-to-end support service for all types of products and services to the interested people. This support includes clients visit to factories in China and Korea, product sourcing, payment to vendors, warehouse in abroad, shipping, custom clearance and home delivery.  


Q: What kind of product can you source?

We help our clients for anything and everything needed from abroad including building materials, interiors and exterior items, home decor, office and home furniture, clothing, lifestyle, cosmetics, computers, electronics, networking, machineries, gift items and all types of manufacturing productions.


Q: How do you source products?

We have our own testing and quality assurance team by which we do test products. This is a continuous process by which we list the best quality and trusted manufacturers. We don’t go with the cheapest but quality products. When any query comes, we go with our listed manufacturer first and suggest the best possible product and services. We also work with the manufacturer suggested by our clients.


Q: Can I visit factories and choose the product?

Yes, you can visit the concern factory with us if needed and choose or customize the products according to your need.


Q: Do you have inspection service?

Yes, we have our own team consisting of local and foreign people with technical, negotiation and interpersonal skills to communicate, inspect and take care of shipping.


Q: Do you have any warehouse?

Yes, we have a warehouse where we receive, store and do inspection of products. We take necessary boxing and wrapping before we load for the air and sea shipment.


Q: How to pay the factories abroad?

We can help you to pay your factory or supplier abroad by opening LC, TT and trade assurance orders. You don’t need anything to do. We will do everything on behalf of you. You just pay us here in Bangladesh.


Q: How do you charge for the service?

You can take any of these services individually or all together.

a.     Product suggestions and receive pre-order – free of charge

b.     Factory visit for product sourcing or inspection – BDT 5,000/day + Transportation cost from Guangzhou

c.      Payment made to factory – No service charge

d.     Shipping from Guangzhou to Dhaka (at your doorstep) with Custom Clearance – BDT 500/KG by Air, BDT 350/KG by Sea. Please note that some products may need to pay more customs fees than regular fees.


Q: How often do you ship?

We have two air and one sea shipment in a week.


Q: Can I track my shipping?

Yes, you can track your shipping through our web portal.


Q: How long will it take you to ship out my products once it’s received in your warehouse?

Please note that manufacturers have a lead time for production and shipping to our warehouse abroad. We have two air and one sea shipment in a week. Most pre-orders are shipped immediately as soon as we receive them in our warehouse. Once the products arrive in Bangladesh, we need inspections for custom clearance. According to our experience, we need 7 to 25 working days from your purchase date to deliver the products maintaining all these formalities. However, product delivery may delay for the following reasons:

1.     Product found damaged after received in our foreign and local warehouse.

2.     Production delay for long holiday, disaster or any reason in factories.

3.     Shipment delay or missed the product due to the cargo handler.  

4.     Inspection delay due to long holiday or any reason.


Q: Are the availability dates accurate?

Unfortunately, these are just estimates given to us by the manufacturer. Many times, there may be delays with production or delays with customs. Please note there are many factors which may delay its release.


Q: What if I placed a combined order and one item's release is delayed?

If an item is delayed beyond a month, please email us and we will try to accommodate you.


Q: What if you are short shipped and do not receive all of your product from your supplier?

Unfortunately, we have no control over how distributors and manufacturers distribute their inventory. Should this situation arise, we will email you immediately to remedy the situation.


Q: What if I want to cancel a preorder from your site?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel a preorder. A preorder locks you in and guarantees your shipment. Please do not order until you are 100% sure you want the item.


Q: Lastly, why should we preorder from you and not someone else?

Great question! While we don’t guarantee that this is the cheapest price you will find, we do guarantee that your item will be treated with the utmost care. Many of our customers are collectors and we treat your package with this in mind. We will never send you damaged goods. Should the items become damaged during transit, we will always be there for you to remedy the situation. We do not leave our customers high and dry. Customer service is our #1 priority!


For any query please contact: Mosharraf Hossain, +880 19 2254 8888, [email protected]